Deceased Members of RTO ERO District 5-2023

Jan 22, 2024

Deceased Members of RTO ERO District 5-2023


1. Mariette Goddard Haileybury
2. Maurice Bourdon Timmins
3. Muriel Bush Haileybury and Tri-Town
4. Monique Lachapelle New Liskeard
5. Wanita (Smith) Wright New Liskeard

Sympathy cards sent to : -Lynda Forsyth- husband passed away
Get Well card sent to : -Mary Gage (had surgery)   -Roger Toffolo


6. Sonia Fortier Iroquois Falls*Judy
7 Rachel Belair Timmins
8. Helen Turcotte Sudbury
9. Carole Hutchinson Kirkland Lake * Connie

Sympathy cards sent to : -Charlie Gazzola for the death of spouse Mary
-Line Fogal member for the passing of her mother -Rachel Belair (member)
– Ron Turcotte on death of Helen Turcotte member

March: no donations

April :

10. Lillian Dobson Timmins (Carla)
11.  Therese Caron Timmins (Carla)

June: ( new names for Fall meeting and in newlsetter)
**12. Hubert Belec Timmins (Carla)
**13. Myrna Bigelow Kirkland Lake (Connie)

Sympathy cards sent to : Lisa Yee death of her father-in-law
Carole Girard death of her mother
Debbie Jones death of her mother in law
Paulette Belec for death of Hubert Belec ( both members)

Get well cards sent to : Kathy Bond Johnson
Mariette Julien


14. Marcelle M Berube Temagami (Angela)

15. Therese Renaud-St Onge New Liskeard (Angela)


16. Juliette Cote New Liskeard (Angela)
17. Romeo Rivard Earlton (Angela)


18. Estella Chicoine Brand Kirkland Lake ( Connie B)

Get well cards : Hector Ciccone (Timmins) in hospital
Sympathy card: Leila Diberardino (Timmins) death of her husband John


19. Robert Ross Kirkland Lake (Carla)
20. Molly Hall Haileybury ( Angela)
21. Wayne Minnette Engleheart (Anglea)

Get well cards: Kathy Bond- Johnson (Cochrane) surgery


22. Mel Jibb Engleheart ( Angela)
22. Alec Akulick Kirkland Lake (Carla)

Sympathy cards:
23. Angela Parker death of her father Mel Jibb


24. Andrée Pajunen: Ottawa (Carla)
25. Margaret Spencer Timmins (Carla)

Sympathy Cards: -Butch and Margo McMillan death of Butch’s mother
– Sharon Pajunen for death of her mother Andrée P.
– family of Margaret Spencer

Resume of the year and comparison to past 3 years

This past year we had 25 members in our district pass away. Therefore 25×50= $1,250 was spent in memoriam.

In 2022- we had 29 members in our district pass away
In 2021- we had 21 members in our district pass away
In 2020- we had 33 members in our district pass away

Respectfully submitted,
Carla Comand-Desmarais